An Exercise in Moral Reasoning

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According to Gallup, one of the biggest controversial moral issues that divide Americans is the issue on having sexual intercourse between an unmarried man and woman. This issue interests me because here it is taboo here in the Philippines, due to its Roman Catholic background, to have sexual relations with another before marriage while in other more developed countries such as the United States of America, it is a common practice among the citizens there.


The Church despises this action because of several reasons. One of which is the premise that premarital sex is an abuse of God’s gift of sexuality. Sexual intercourse should only be done by when a couple has been bound by the grace of God through marriage.


Other people, however, think that sexual intercourse is an expression of one’s love for another person. Thus, their conclusion based on this pries is that it is alright to have sexual intercourse with any person even before marriage, as long as he or she is willing to and as long as love is present.


Looking at the two arguments, I believe that this act can be considered both right and wrong, or neutral. This is because two different masses of people consider it to be either right or wrong.


When looking at the act from a Roman Catholic standpoint, I would consider the act of premarital sex to be morally sinful because the person, most likely, should have adequate knowledge on freedom on the action. However, because, in my opinion, the act does not necessarily cause serious harm to any of the two parties concerned, it is not a very grave sin. It would, however, be considered a grave sin if the act causes harm to a person.


Arguably, the act can also be considered harmful to the gift of life God has given us because it is an abuse of our ability to bring life into the world through our sexuality. Because we were chosen by God to be stewards of creation, we should think wisely before doing any act.


Because we are not sure whether or not we are actually committing a grave sin by harming someone through the act of premarital sex, the road of caution causes us to treat the act as morally sinful or grave.


If my friend were to ask me whether or not he should commit the act with his girlfriend, I would tell him the same things I mentioned above. He should first analyze the situation and think first before deciding whether or not he is ready to commit the act.


Since it is uncertain whether the act is sinful or not, I would tell him that it would be wise to take the road of safety or caution and think as if the act were sinful.


I would also ask him to take the road of suspicion because the act would, of course, bring him pleasure. I would make him realize that he may be biased for his decision because it is more convenient or more in favor of him.


Ultimately, I would tell him that the decision is his, and that he should consult his conscience first before he makes such a decision.



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A rating from 1-6, 1 being the highest, of my preferred oil for frying kropek.

1 – Canola Oil

2 – Vegetable Oil

3 – Olive Oil

4 – Virgin Coconut Oil

5 – Corn Oil

6 – Butter / Margarine

Genetically Modified Organisms

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I believe that genetically modified organisms made into food are acceptable and beneficial to human kind. This is because of the numerous health benefits that may arise from eating such food. These food also make eating more efficient in a way.

However, there are some ethical factors that need to be addressed in the debate of whether or not genetically modified organisms are beneficial or alright for the community. This is because of the close connection to the debate of stem cell research or cloning. People say that GMOs are an abuse of God’s creation.

However, I believe that in order for man to survive, it needs to do things such as these (when it comes to food; the debate on cloning is another story.). God also gave us this knowledge and ability to genetically modify our food; we should use it wisely.


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Food? Food!

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Why do they think that those foods are weird? 

Those food are considered to be weird because they are exotic. They are not usually eaten by people around the world.

What is food?

Food is a source of nutrition and energy for our bodies. They help us grow and maintain our everyday practices. They are anything that can be eaten or are edible.

What is considered as a normal food and what is not?

“Normal food” are the ones that are considered “edible” by most of the people in the world. If only a certain group of people eat a certain kind of food, it may be considered exotic or “weird.”

What would be your 5 weirdest food?

The 5 weirdest food I have eaten are:

1. Fried Scorpion

2. Fried Snake and Snake Skin

3. Escargot or snail

4. Raw octopus

5. Silkworm


F2F with Australia

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My video conference experience with the boys of St. Mary’s College in Australia was unlike any of the other video conferences I had undergone before. This was because this was the first time I had a video conversation with people from Australia. I found this experience to be quite interesting and, at the same time, eye-opening.

One of the reasons why I was excited to have such a video conference with Australians was because I was fascinated with their country, culture, and not to mention, their accent. Although I found their accent to be, at times, very rich and deep, I was still able to understand what the other party was saying with the help of a very good connection in the part of the audio and video connectivity.

At the end of the video conference, I was able to learn more about the Australian culture, more specifically, the culture of the community in St. Mary’s College and how the students there practice their beliefs and customs. Being of the same religion, I found it quite easy to relate to most of their beliefs and practices. I also felt that they too were fascinated by our own culture and beliefs here in Xavier and in the Philippines through their asking of relatively intriguing and rich questions.

I hope to have another experience such as this. Thank you to the Face to Faith Community and the Tony Blaire Foundation for making such experience possible.

Keep Walking

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Keep Walking